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Dual Citizen

U.S./Canadian Tax & Accounting Services

Many dual U.S. and Canadian Citizens are only now becoming aware of their tax obligations with the IRS. Get your financials in order and up to day with a tax expert at Dash Tax and Accounting Services

Dual Citizen Tax Compliance (U.S. & Canada)

Understanding U.S. and Canadian reporting requirements is our specialty so whether you do business, invest or spend a significant time on either side of the border Dash Tax can assist you with your U.S. and Canadian Tax planning and compliance commitments.

We deal with all of your US and cross border tax needs including issues involving dual US and Canadian Nationals, Green Card Holders, Immigration and US income received in Canada.  

- Determination of reporting requirements

- Streamlined filing compliance for US citizens

- FBAR preparation and efiling

- Preparation of treaty based disclosure claim 

- Preparation of foreign tax credit claims  

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