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Our Story

For over 10 years now DASH Tax and Accounting has been providing professional tax and accounting services to Canadian and United States Citizens and Corporations. We take pride in serving our clients with accuracy advice and timely compliance services.

When you need professional timely advice from a Tax Expert you can trust the experince of DASH Tax and Accounting.

Stan Dashevsky
Owner/Enrolled Agent

"Helping people navigate the turbulent waters of International Tax to protect you , your family and your business"

Stan Dashevsky is an Enrolled Agent , he has been in practice for 10 years, for more information about Enrolled Agency please go to the following link.


Enrollment Agent Information

“After becoming aware of my tax obligations as a dual citizen I reached out for help with getting compliant. DASH Tax helped me prepare and submit my back taxes very quickly, taking away the stress of the looming requirements.”

Roberta - Calgary, AB

“I moved to Canada with my parents after graduating high school. In the next 15 years that followed, I lived here, went to college here, became a Canadian citizen, started my own company and began a family – all in Canada. I had never had to file tax returns while in the U.S. because I did not work while in high school. So, imagine my surprise more than 15 years later when I see a news report telling me that I have to file U.S. tax returns or face penalties of tens-of-thousands of dollars per year in default the next time I decide to cross the border.

After furiously gathering my Canadian taxes and financial information (and panicking quite a bit), I called around the city of Calgary only to find a handful of accountants who could actually do U.S. Taxes, one being a well-known, well-advertised tax firm. After several weeks of back-and-forth with my accountant there, numerous phone calls to gather information and hours and hours of work gathering my financial information, the accountant then told me he would not do my returns because I owned a business. He also informed me that the cost for him to be coerced into doing my taxes would be outlandish.

Googling that afternoon, I discovered Dash Tax and Accounting and quickly made a phone call to Stan Dashevsky. By this time, I was panic-stricken thinking I would have to put holiday plans on hold with my family over fears the IRS would pull me off the plane and imprison me for tax evasion. Stan reassured me that I was not the only U.S. citizen unwittingly hit with the ‘surprise’ tax filing bug, and that as long as I got my taxes in and filed that all would be well.
Throughout the process, Stan was very patient and very helpful, instructing me on the multitude of papers, information, past tax returns and financial documents I needed to gather in order to complete my U.S. tax returns and avoid penalties. It was a well-needed piece of mind that I was being looked after and that there was a light at the end of the tax tunnel.
I can’t thank Stan enough for working tirelessly to organize all the tax information I needed to make a successful filing.

Thanks again, Stan!”

CT - Calgary, AB

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